Ex Libris Online: Jump-Starting Your New Year

Reading for Your New Year’s Resolution

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As the first week in January comes to a close, New Year’s resolutions are in full throttle. Among the more common ones of being healthier this year is to improve the mind by reading more… especially classics. This month with Ex Libris online, we will help you jump start your resolution by offering you suggestions for classics to add to your list of “Yes, I’ve read that one!”

The high-end book publisher, The Folio Society, is also debuting a new series with this thought in mind. When he founded The Folio Society, it was Charles Ede’s intention to create fine editions ‘worthy of the contents, at a price within reach of everyman.’ In keeping with this mission, The Folio Society is introducing the Folio Collectables, a selection of some of the world’s best-loved books at a much lower price point than most Folio editions. While still hardcovers, these softbound books in cloth are the first Folio books to be readily portable, but still retain the Folio standard of quality, containing marker ribbons, colored page tops and black-and-white illustrations throughout the books.

They are launching the series with four classic titles: The Hound of the Baskervilles
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, arguably the most famous and favorite Sherlock Holmes mystery; Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a tour de force in the horror and thriller genre; A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, “God bless us, everyone”; and, perhaps most surprisingly, the popular 1920s novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds: The Intimate Diary of a Professional Lady by Anita Loos. With each book a bound in a different color, it can be expected that the Folio Collectables will grow to encompass a glittering range of curated titles through which a person can grow to be universally well-read.

Choose any of these titles that you have never read as a starting point to expand your scope of classic literature this year, and stay tuned for more suggestions this month!

 Buy these books here.

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