From the Editor March 2017: Columbia Blossoms

_d5a8128“The Sun – just touched the Morning –

The Morning – Happy thing –

Supposed that He had come to dwell –

And Life would all be Spring!”  — Emily Dickinson

March has always been one of my favorite months; aside from it being my birthday month, turning the corner from winter to spring, it is the month of the first budding lime green leaves on the trees and courageous flowers in the garden. Columbia comes alive in bursts of color as azaleas bloom and jonquils push their way back up through the packed earth to remind their admirers of their cheerful existence. However, there is perhaps no flower that heralds spring like the tulip, whose popularity dates back to 17th century Holland. Read Mary T. Dial’s article on page 110 to discover how to incorporate these stunning blooms into your garden this year. 

Spring also signals the season for one of the Midlands’ most popular annual events — the Carolina Cup. A steeplechase race dating back to 1930, the Carolina Cup celebrates 83 robust years of impressive horses, jockeys, competition and, of course, fabulous spring fashion in Camden. From admiring the glistening coats of the sleek racehorses and enjoying a full day of delicious food and cocktails, to finally having an excuse to wear a ridiculous hat you bought once on King Street in Charleston, the Carolina Cup is not an affair to miss. Read Melissa Andrews’ article on page 70 to learn more about “the social event of the season.”

For those who enjoy cooking as much as I do (that is to say, not at all) yet want to prepare nutritious meals amid the busy springtime schedule of rehearsals and practices, glean inspiration from Helen Dennis’ article on page 40 for simple crockpot recipes. From breakfast to dessert, minimize prep-time and cleanup in the kitchen by letting one pot do it all. 

Columbians are fortunate to live in a city where talent can be cultivated to a level that earns widespread national acclaim and success. Three years ago, in recognizing the amazing individuals who have taken their careers to the national and even international stage, we launched Made in Cola Town — a column where we showcase the celebrities who we are proud to call our own, such as Anna Camp, Noelle Stevenson and Dr. Michael Parks. In this issue, we are excited to share Craig Melvin’s story of how his high school opportunity at WIS-TV led him to his current position as a weekday anchor on MSNBC and the Saturday co-anchor and a national correspondent for NBC’s TODAY show.

We hope you enjoy this issue and a beautiful season of spring. 


Margaret Clay

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