Welcome to the official CMM blog — where our magazine comes to life. Before this moment, you only knew Columbia Metropolitan as a publication, an office of people interviewing and taking pictures of beautiful local people and things. Here, you will find more. We are going back and trying out our recipes, decorating tips and new watering holes around the city. Here, we will discover things with you. You will also stumble upon DIYs, beauty and style tips and a behind-the-scenes inside scoop to Columbia.

Cola Town {Curated}. What does it mean? As most of us know, Cola Town is a familial name for our beloved metropolitan city of Columbia, but what about the “curated?” A curator is a content specialist. Most people may think of a museum curator right off the bat. The editors of magazines are one in the same. We sift through press releases, emails and letters while opening our hearts to conversations with extraordinary local individuals. So it’s all in the name, Cola Town {Curated} : Sifting through the city of Columbia, S.C.